Heard about Botox and not sure if you want or need it?

Botulinum is a fantastic treatment and is the most popular and commonly known cosmetic treatment in the world.  It is most often used to soften wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines and is also used in other ways such as prevent gummy smiles, correcting a drooping smile, slimming of the jawline, Nefrititi  lines of the neck and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweeting).

Frown lines – over time and with regular botulinum treatments the lines will flatten out giving the eyes a fresher open look and diminish the cross tired look from frowning.

Crow’s feet – treatment in this area can be varied to achieve the look you desire.  A less crinkly appearance when smiling is a common request or a completely smooth appearance with no movement can be achieved.

Outer eyebrows – as we ages, our eyebrows can lower and the pesky skin that falls onto the eyelids often results in a heavy tired look. A little botulinum may be able to give a ‘small lift’ to the outer eyebrow giving you a younger and more wide eyed look.

Forehead – a smooth forehead if very rejuvenating to your appearance.  The botulinum does can be adjusted depending on the look you want – no movement at all or just softening of lines.

Bunny Lines – a small injection of botulinum on the side of the nose is great for treating the crinkles that appear on the nose when you smile.

Nefrititi Neck Lift – on certain individuals with prominent expressive neck muscles botulinum can be used to soften the movement of the neck muscles producing a more elongated appearance to the neck.

Down-turned mouth – the DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscles that pull the muscles of the mouth downward.  As we age, this downward grumpy look can appear permanent. Botulinum injections here can prevent the downward appearance and give a more friendly appearance of the mouth.

Popply Chin – Smooth out the chin to reduce the dimply appearance of the chin.

Masseters – To refine the shape of the jaw to soften the square look.

Is the treatment painful?

Most people find that a botox injection causes very little discomfort.  If there is initial stinging from the needle, it is all over in a matter of seconds.

How long does it take to work and how long does it last?

The treatment itself takes just minutes.  The results in botulinum in the treated muscles will begin to appear in two to ten days with results usually lasting 3-4 months gradually wearing off depending on the individual reaction to the treatment.

Botox is manufactured in the USA, Dysport in Europe and Xeomin in Germany with Xeomin being the newest and purest form of botulinum type A.  All are approved by FDA.